Thursday, 30 August 2007

Calling all Ocean Park owners and tenants

I am an owner of Ocean Park in East Coast Road which is now the target for enbloc development .
I live abroad and took 4 years to search for my ultimate retirement home and finally found it in 1996. I have yet to live in it for a single day but look forward to coming home to settle in this fabulous condo of mine overlooking the sea oneday.

It is with shock that I received news of the enbloc move that there is now yet another attempt to sell my condo before I could even move into it!

I have started this blog in the hope that those of you in Ocean Park who feel strongly against this enbloc sale attempt will join me in airing their views, their disagreement or any grouses or suggestions they may have over this sale of Ocean Park.

I have read at length the anti-enbloc blogs set up on the website and have been anxious that all anti-enbloccers make a concerted effort to stand up for what we believe in to protect our home .

So please help make this a meaningful forum for all residents of Ocean Park or for that matter any enbloccer in Singapore who are going through this pandemic exercise, to air their views, grouses, unhappiness, proposals or ideas!

Majullah Singapura ..what does that really mean if all our homes are constantly being pulled down and redeveloped? I hold dear the national anthem ,yet sadly, I could only watch helplessly as a marginalised Singaporean living abroad , dismayed at how this little island is constantly going through myriad of facelifts as horrendous as Michael Jackson, wondering if I could ever go home again , a home I could barely recognise now!

The rebelrouser